J.P. George
JP GEORGE wanted to sing so he hooked up with Hard rock and
Punk, called in the twins Alternative Dance and Alternative Metal,
got hungry and stepped into a cafe for lunch and some mellow
Beat Music. Later that afternoon the triplets Synth-, Power- and
Indie-Pop joined in, with their mean cousins Euro- and Motorpop.
The gang moved on down the street to a pub, ordered some
New Wave, Grunge and Happy Hardcore, some time went by,
the crowd got louder so JP suggested a club in the neighbourhood.
Nu Metal and Rockabilly worked the door!
After a few hours of many rounds and a many turns on the dance-
floor, JP snatched the mic from the seriously intoxicated DJ's
Krautrock & Dancepunk and shouted out loud:
It's only Rock 'n Roll!!
. . .
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J.P. George

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